Program Statement

Beginning in Fall 2015 and throughout 2016, four shared print journal programs in the United States explored opportunities for collaboration. Representatives from the steering committees of each program gathered twice in Rosemont, Illinois to consider options for collaboration. They identified areas of greatest need for sustained group action. From these discussions, emerged a shared vision, mission, initial strategic directions and a governance structure to guide our collective efforts to develop shared print journal collections in the United States.


The libraries of the participating shared print programs agree:

  1. to pursue a common vision to ensure the preservation and availability of print journal literature.
  2. to adopt a common mission to collaboratively develop, manage and coordinate the identification, retention, registration, discovery of and access to a shared, distributed collection of print journals in the United States.
  3. to periodically define and collectively agree upon strategic directions to accomplish the vision and mission.
    1. Collection Growth
    2. Shared Policies/Guidelines
    3. Engagement with other programs and service providers