Program Membership in the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance

The Rosemont Shared Print Alliance is committed to engaging with other shared print programs that share our vision and mission. We are mindful of the need to manage membership in ways that ensure we can achieve our strategic directions and have developed the following criteria to guide further growth of the Alliance.  

Criteria for membership in the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance:

A. Membership is for well-established shared print programs in North America composed of predominantly academic and research libraries and focused on serials/journals retention (although programs that combine serials/journals and monograph retention are eligible).

B. Member programs must be able to substantially grow and diversify the shared collection of retained print journals held by the Rosemont Alliance, and be willing and able to allocate staff resources to actively participate in the Rosemont Operations Committee and the Executive Committee. 

C. By joining the Rosemont Alliance, the shared print program agrees and affirms that all holdings retained by the program and its participating libraries are also retained under the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance and, by definition, subject to the Rosemont Alliance Access Principles.

D. Member programs must be willing to engage across the board on issues that make up the mission of the Rosemont Alliance and be willing to work within the framework of the current policies and principles, including:

  1. A commitment to grow and diversify the corpus of print journals held under retention commitments
  2. A commitment to develop shared policies, guidelines, and best practices to ensure access to and preservation of the retained corpus
  3. A commitment to actively engage with the broader shared print community including the Print Archive Network (PAN), the Partnership for Shared Book Collections (The Partnership) and other partners to advance the agenda of shared print, including advocacy

E. Member programs must disclose information on their retention commitments in agreed-upon national or international databases (e.g., PAPR, WorldCat) and ensure that information remains current.

A shared print program interested in joining the Rosemont Alliance should submit a letter expressing its interest to the Chair of the Rosemont Operations Committee, signed by the top-level governance official from the program (e.g., Board President, Executive Director, etc.). This letter should clearly describe how the applicant is aligned with Rosemont's mission and goals and meets the criteria for membership.

Upon receipt of the letter, the Rosemont Operations Committee will review the request and may ask for additional information from the program. Upon completion of this review, the request will be referred to the Rosemont Executive Committee.

The Rosemont Alliance Executive Committee will typically consider the addition of new members at its annual meeting, but may choose to consider programs for membership at any time based on a recommendation from the Operations Committee. In reviewing the application from a prospective new member, the Rosemont Alliance Executive Committee will take into consideration not only the extent to which the program meets the criteria for participation, but also the current activities in which the Rosemont Alliance is involved and the available bandwidth within the Rosemont Alliance to support growth at that time.  

The Executive Committee has the option of requesting that admission be delayed until such time as it believes the Rosemont Alliance can effectively on-board the program.

When a new program is accepted as a member in the Rosemont Alliance, the Chair of the Executive Committee will notify the program director and request that the program submit the names of its representatives on the Operations and Executive Committees. The Chair of the Operations Committee will then follow up with the appropriate representative(s) and begin the on-boarding process.

Last updated October 2021