Project Task List

Updated July, 2021
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  • This Task List outlines the implementation timeline for achieving the strategic directions outlined in the Program Statement.
  • The Task List guides governance committees and program working groups’ activities to facilitate continuity of actions and direction.
  • Updates are made by and ratified by governance committees as implementation progresses and in tandem with changes to the Strategic Directions, as appropriate.

Ongoing Tasks

  • Each program provides updated title counts twice yearly, in anticipation of PAN Forums (archived Rosemont Alliance updates to PAN -
  • Monitor the development of, and advocate for, improved infrastructure for shared print
    • Serve as a consulting body for the CDL, CRL & HT collaboration for shared print
    • Coordinate with OCLC on shared print services and policies
    • Develop and distribute guides on applications and services designed to analyze journal holdings for shared print
  • Continue to partner with Partnership for Shared Book Collections on advocacy, communication, and developing shared print policies and best practices
  • Communication and Administration - Outreach / communicate with participating libraries & other shared print programs on new activities, milestones, progress, etc. and update the Rosemont Alliance website as needed. (overseen by the chairing program, the Rosemont Alliance Communications Working Group and the newly formed – with the Partnership – joint Communications & Advocacy Working Group.)

Current: 2021 Annual Task List

Strategic DirectionTaskProgressWorking Group
*C = Convener
Overall strategic plan Review and update the Rosemont Alliance Strategic Directions and Task List.ForthcomingJohn Burger (ASERL/ST) - C Mark Jacobs (WRLC/ST) Susan Stearns (EAST) Alison Wohlers (WEST) Rebecca Crist (BTAA) Amy Wood (CRL) Ben Walker (FLARE)
Collection Growth: Last Known Copy InitiativeDevelop implementation plan for securing retention partners for last copies (pilot project). Assess and report on pilot project. Submit report with recommendations to Executive Committee.In ProcessMark Jacobs (WRLC/ST) - C Alison Wohlers (WEST) Matthew Revitt (EAST) Tabby Pursley (FLARE) Rebecca Crist (BTAA)
Storage PartnersIdentify and Engage with Storage Partner libraries.On Hold (pending last copy initiative work)Mark Jacobs (WRLC/ST) - C Alison Wohlers (WEST) Matthew Revitt (EAST) Ben Walker (FLARE) Susan Stearns (EAST)
Shared Policies: AccessAssess resource sharing and statistical data collection capabilities for shared print (GAC/RapidILL). Discussion points: Goal for data collection; how is success measured? Work to be coordinated with Partnership for Shared Book Collections.In Process as of July, 2021Ben Walker (FLARE) - C Rebecca Crist (BTAA) Aaron Krebeck (ASERL/WRLC) Sara Amato (EAST/liaison to Partnership work)
Shared Policies: Gap-fillingReview gap-filling approaches and supporting policies. Define scope and intent of Rosemont guidelines, including evaluation of any coordination with JSTOR work Identify reporting, decision-support capabilities, contribution guidelines. Write policy Executive review and approval. Program review and ratification. In Process. EAST has joined JRNL as of June, 2021 Rebecca Crist (BTAA) - C Ben Walker (FLARE) Marie Waltz (CRL) Cheryle Cole-Bennett (ASERL/ST) Anna Striker (WEST)
Advocate for improved infrastructure for shared printComplete testing the OCLC registration service and developing plans for adoption at Rosemont participating institutions.In ProcessAnna Striker (WEST) - C Cheryle Cole-Bennett (ASERL/ST) Rebecca Crist (BTAA) Sara Amato (EAST) Amy Wood (CRL) Tabby Pursley (FLARE) Aaron Krebeck (WRLC/ST)
Communication and AdministrationSchedule and execute annual Exec Co Meeting.Scheduled for Monday, Dec. 6th noon - 4pm EasternOps Chairperson(s)