Transfer of Retentions & Storage Vendors

In 2021, the Rosemont Operations Committee tasked a working group to identify and engage with Storage Partner libraries. That group focused on three primary tasks: 1) to complete a best practices document outlining recommendations for transferring retention commitments, 2) to survey member libraries to assess their perception about the scope and scale of the Rosemont Alliance’s storage role, and 3) to create a list of commercial storage partners.

Analysis of the survey results indicated that:

  • Respondents did think the Rosemont Alliance had a role in identifying possible locations where materials could be kept
  • that most potential locations would at least consider accepting additional materials and
  • that a few of the Rosemont Alliance partners were using third party storage facilities

Subsequently, the working group developed two documents for Rosemont Alliance members (and the broader library community) that may be of interest: